School / Team / Group Fundraising

Great for schools, sports or dance teams, churches, non-profit groups, etc.
Your supporters will get gourmet flavored popcorn that is fresh and handmade at our store using the highest quality ingredients available. We have a large variety of flavors that will meet anyone’s taste. You can offer our gourmet flavored popcorn at an affordable price and still make high profits for your organization!

Choosing a fundraiser with "Nutz About Popcorn" is a tasty way to earn money for your group!

  • Minimum 6 bags per flavor, Minimum order of 24 bags
  • Up to 50% profit for each bag you sell
  • No money up-front
  • We pop your order fresh, and package it specifically for your group
  • Fundraising materials and kit provided

How Pre-Order Sales work

Pre-orders will be taken by your group. We will provide the forms you’ll need with your team/group information already pre-printed on them.

  1. After your selling period is over, total your orders and place a single order to Nutz About Popcorn.
  2. You will receive your popcorn within 7-10 days and you can then distribute the popcorn